All Fall Down

1.Doin That Rag  (Garcia/Hunter)

2.It's All Over Now, Baby Blue   (B.Dylan)

3.Bullet the Blue Sky   (U2)

4.Goodbye Blue Sky  (Waters/Gilmour)

5.Blue Skies Bring Tears   (Smashing Pumpkins)

6. Eon Blue Apocalypse  (Tool)

7.Wind Blows High  (R.Hunter)


FIFTH DAY - Flight of the Marie Helena (Robert Hunter)

The fifth day: thunder without rain.
A small skull carved of
ivory sits, right profile,
in an unlit candelabra.

Yesterday, a determined smile carried
one corner of the sky clenched
between ragged teeth:
The sky which is a sheet.

Today a docile banner flaps
in half a breeze.
A pipe is clenched between
my teeth unlit.

Yesterday a velvet gloved claw bore
a cupful of the sky
in a milkwhite vase:
The sky which is a drop of blood.

Today I poured my tin cup of
salty soup into the sea
but not as a libation.
I had no taste for it.

Yesterday, a girl with lips of amber
printed a yellow kiss upon
a rounded ring of sky:
The sky which is my mouth.

Today, a lump of anthracite
hangs in a double dark sky;
the sky below, the sky above.
and in between: the sea.

Yesterday, with stool and milking pail,
I sat beneath the Mother Unicorn
with hands of storm
attempting to milk the sky.

Today nothing amazes or perplexes.
It is all too weary to perplex.
It only cauterizes or infects.

All which was professed a joy
becomes a present bore, in light of
one objection: I have
seen this all before!

Such redundancy calls
for brass, flute, woodwind
and sweet, resounding lips
to play them.


Oh, but the song is the same song
sung to the same tune once too often.
The answers to our questions have
proved less than entertaining.

A ride of a week and one week only.
Each day's sun ascends behind
a different deck.
Is this a circle that we sail?

We are reduced to ritual.
We have burned our graven images
for fuel. We find no significance
in numbers or the alphabet.

I look to the darkening sky and
see no constellations; only
slowly spinning stars
without cohesion.

From the southeast cusp of Leo pours
the realm of galaxies.
That is where you look
to look far, far away.
What begins with music
will end with music.

Between the music are
a number of things which
have to do with music
lacking only melody.

It is time for a midnight snack
of oranges, rosewater and
lavender pretzels made of china
which snap between your teeth.